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Brian Burley is a young homeowner and business owner in Huntington Beach. Brian Burley first came to Huntington Beach in 2007 when his mother moved to California to receive cancer treatment at the City of Hope. Brian immediately fell in love with the ocean, beaches and surfing. While his mother would sadly pass away in 2011, Brian's experience with her illness helped him realize his dream to fight on behalf of others going through hardship. Brian’s passion for public service was the eventual result of his life experiences.

Brian Burley first attended California State University: Fullerton, but quickly transferred to his dream school, the University of Southern California. Burley would go on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Economy from USC. While at USC, Brian served as a Funding Delegate, where he voted on matters concerning the allocation of tuition funds to campus organizations and causes.

Brian Burley is an active volunteer in our community. He has participated in helping seniors at the Senior Center at Central Park. Brian has also participated in beach and park clean ups through his church.

Brian Burley ultimately has the experience we desperately need right now in Huntington Beach as he is the only candidate in this race that has proven that he will publicly take on the special interests.


Brian Burley took on the biggest special interest PAC in the city and he won. Brian exposed the corruption of this PAC and how they were attempting to purchase seats on our City Council. The special interest PAC folded after the 2018 election which was a great victory for our community.

Brian Burley was overwhelming elected to the Orange County Central Committee in the March Primary. This victory made Brian Burley one of the youngest elected officials in the State of California. Burley would win the Huntington Beach popular vote in this race by nearly two-to-one over second place.

Brian Burley owns an information technology and social media marketing company here in Huntington Beach. 

Brian Burley is a candidate for the Huntington Beach City Council in the November 8th, 2022 General Election.

Quick Bio

Position: Orange County Central Committee Member - Elected March 2020

Occupation: Huntington Beach Business Owner

Background:  Information Technology and Political Economy

Degree: Master Degree in Public Policy from USC

Brian's overwhelming victory to Central Committee earlier this year made him one of the youngest elected officials in the state. 

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